Day 210, Year 7: Another Day of Rain
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Weather: Rainy All Day, Clearing in the Evening, Mid-50’s
Location: At Heather and Jed’s in E Falmouth, MA

Today was another cold, rainy day. We are ready for some sunshine. It is
now early evening and we are getting ready to head to Boston to pick up
Heather, Jed, and boys. They have been texting us during the day to keep us
posted on their progress, and all flights went ahead as scheduled. That
very different from their experience flying out to New Mexico, and I am sure
they are very pleased that that there were no last minute changes.

Mark and I spent most of our day in the car. We drove to the marina to
check on Windbird’s progress and found that we needed to go buy fittings to
go on the through-hulls to connect them to the hoses on the inside of the
boat. We drove into Falmouth to West Marine and got what they had-one of
two fittings needed. We delivered that to Fiddler’s Cove and talked to
Brian, the young man doing the work, to make sure we had the right fitting,
and then we drove to Hyannis to another West Marine to get another one. Now
we just have to wait for the arrival of another through-hull tomorrow
afternoon and deliver that to Fiddler’s Cove and the job of installing the
through-hulls should be complete. It is looking hopeful that bottom
painting can happen on Thursday or Friday and we can be back in the water by
Saturday and off to Woods Hole on Monday.

We got a bit of unsettling news from Mark’s oncologist this afternoon. His
calcium levels have been slightly high the past month and the results of a
special blood test came back this afternoon showing that he has
hyperparathyroidism. The absolute worst case scenario would be that there
is a cancerous tumor causing the problem. But there are about five other
reasons that are much more common. Still it is worrisome and we now have to
make an appointment with an endocrinologist to check this out. Needless to
say, we are anxious to pinpoint the problem and take care of it ASAP. We
just both need to take a deep breath and forge ahead.