Day 206, Year 7: Almost Summer
Date: Friday, June 1, 2012
Weather: Another Gorgeous Day, Warm and Sunny
Location: At Heather and Jed’s in E Falmouth, MA

I finished polishing Windbird’s hull today thinking she would be going back
in the water this weekend, but no progress has been made. We hired the boat
yard to paint the bottom (actually you are not allowed to paint your own)
and to put in four new through-hulls. The bottom has been sanded, but there
has been no work done on the through-hulls. So I think we could be out of
the water for another week. Very frustrating, especially since it looks and
feels like summer. It’s time to sail, but we will just have to be patient.
We have no choice.

We have had two beautiful days of sunshine and the peonies are in full
bloom. When we lived in New Hampshire, the blooming of the peonies was
always the transition from spring to summer, so we’ll take it to be that
here on the Cape as well. The forecast is for two days of rain over the
weekend, so I tried to get as much garden and yard work done as possible. I
got all the rest of the peas supported. They were so tall that some had
broken over with the weight of the little pea pods that are growing. Sam
and Jonah will be happy to learn that they will have peas to eat when they
get home from New Mexico. I worked on weeding the lettuce patch and the
sunflowers in the bee garden in the front yard. And then I started cutting
the grass in the backyard. Since the front wheel drive on the lawn mower is
not working, I was only hoping to get part of it done. But through the
generosity of a neighbor, the whole backyard is cut. I knew if it didn’t
get cut before two days of rain we were going to have a hayfield instead of
a yard. Next door neighbor, Brian, rode over on his riding lawn mower and
completed the job for me. Jed had just cut the grass, but it grows fast
this time of year and it is hard to keep on top of it. Thanks, Brian!

Tomorrow my nephew and his son arrive and we are hoping the Steins will be
sailing in. Unfortunately the weather is not going to be conducive for a
barbecue, so I’m making lasagna and preparing for an indoor visit. A
casserole like lasagna is easy to keep for a day in case the Stein’s don’t
make it until Sunday.

120601 Day 206 Cape Cod, USA–Signs of Summer