Day 2, Year 7: Proudly Announcing Another Goldstone Boy
Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011
Weather: Overcast and Rainy, Temperature 60+ degrees F
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, Massachusetts

Today we finally got the ‘clearance’ to announce that there will be a third edition added to the Goldstone household in early April . . . and it is a boy. A girl would have added a different dimension to our all boy’s team of grandchildren, but the only thing any of us is really concerned about is that it is a healthy baby. Heather and Jed didn’t want to know the sex for the first two, but they had decided that when Heather went in for the ultrasound today they would go ahead and find out. Sam and Jonah both want a baby brother, so they were delighted with today’s news. Actually, I’m sure Jonah wouldn’t care one way or another, but because big brother Sam wants a boy, Jonah got on that bandwagon. Sam is at the age where he says girls are yucky, so he was especially happy with mommy’s news. And Mark and I are delighted at the prospect of another grandchild.

The outside temperature was already 60 degrees when we got up this morning. We decided to go for a walk to see just where it is we live despite the fact that it was lightly misting on us. We walked for more than an hour and thoroughly enjoyed the walk in our new ‘neighborhood.’ We stopped by Dick and Claire Wiklund’s home, but they weren’t home. Then we walked up to Main Street, down to the little store we visited last night at the corner of Wild Harbor and Main Street, and then back down Wild Harbor to the marina. We miss the long walks we always took when in foreign ports, so we are going to try and walk every morning. Many trees here lost their leaves when Irene came through in late August, but many of the smaller trees and bushes and are now in full color. There are deep red, blazing orange, and bright yellow leaves making the fall season quite beautiful here on Cape Cod.

Mark stayed on the boat this afternoon while I went to pick up Sam and Jonah. We went to their house this afternoon since it was raining. In my absence, Mark got on the computer and searched for job possibilities. We promised ourselves we were going to find jobs to repay the cruising kitty when we returned, but we haven’t looked very hard. Unfortunately Mark is down to working only one day a week at West Marine and that will probably be the case until spring. We didn’t realize that tomorrow is a holiday, so Sam and Jonah don’t go to school. That means Mark and I will both have the whole day and we are going to spend part of the time listing things we need to get rid of on Craig’s List. And we might make a trip off Cape to a Home Depot to buy the aluminum conduit we will use to make the frame for our winter cover. Tomorrow is going to be windy and chilly, a good day for shopping, but then the next four days should be in the 60’s. We will try to get the frame built before it gets chilly again.

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