Day 188, Year 7: Escaping the Rain
Date: Monday, May 14, 2012
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, but No Rain
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

The weather forecast right now is as fickle as it can be. That’s spring.
But luckily we escaped having any rain today and I finished caulking the
part of the deck that I had taped. The forecast is now for rain tomorrow
night through Wednesday and it looks serious, so I will continue cleaning
the grooves on the remainder of the teak that needs to be caulked, and on
Thursday when the weather clears, I’ll resume the caulking. But I have made
great progress and it is now clear that I can finish the job by this
weekend. So it looks like I will be taking off the winter plastic covering
this weekend and be hauled early next week. I say ‘I’ because Mark will be
working, but maybe I can Heather and Jed to help me for a couple of hours.
I’m sure Sam and Jonah would love the ‘de-construction’ project.

Mark had his seventh (of twelve) chemo treatments today and he is feeling
much better than he did this time last week. As the doctor suspected, he
must have gotten this awful stomach bug on the same day as his last chemo
treatment and that accounts for why he felt so terrible. The doctor thinks
he got it first and then gave it to Sam, Jonah, and me. Jonah and I have
recovered, but Sam is still feeling a bit rough. Mark is so relieved to now
know that it was a bug and not the chemo that him feeling so terrible. Add
to that the fact that we found out today that he also has a bladder
infection, and it is easy to understand why he felt so awful all of last
week. He has low energy tonight, but otherwise he is doing great. He spent
a bit of time late this afternoon in the backyard at Heather’s playing with
Sam and Jonah and he really enjoyed it. Tomorrow morning we have no
appointments, so we can sleep in, take a nice long walk, and then I can get
some deck work done while Mark rests. This is a much saner schedule than
what we have been dealing with for the past week, so we are both looking
forward to the bit of down time.