Day 185, Year 7: Gearing Up
Date: Friday, May 11, 2012
Weather: Partly Sunny Day, No Rain
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Our day started with Mark’s appointment with the oncologist and the report was very good. Mark has gained a pound since the last visit and the doctor was elated that his blood counts are all still in the normal range. She says that it is unusual to be going into the second half of the treatment cycle with such stable counts. So whatever we are doing, she suggests we keep doing it. And after the appointment Mark went to work at West Marine and made it fine through the day. We are starting to wonder if he actually had the intestinal virus last week that Sam, Jonah, and I have had this week. I guess we’ll find out this coming week. If he feels better after this next chemo treatment than he did with the last, the doctor figures he had a virus. If not, she’ll re-evaluate and decide if there should be an adjustment in the medications.

After taking Mark to work, I came back to Windbird and worked on deck. Cleaning out each groove with a carpet knife and small chisel is time consuming work. But I made good progress and starting taping off for the next round of caulk. I will continue this process over the weekend and see how far I get. The weather should be sunny and very warm—perfect conditions for the deck work. I’ll take time off tomorrow morning to go to the Saturday produce market with Heather and boys and on Sunday Jed has offered to take Heather and I to a Mother’s Day Brunch. But other than those two activities, I will be out on the deck. Mark will be working both days this weekend at West Marine, but I am gearing up to get as much of the deck caulked as humanly possible.

Tonight we had dinner at Heather and Jed’s. They have joined into a cooperative to receive fresh, local fish every Thursday. They got the first installment yesterday and it was squid and halibut. Tonight we had deep-fried calamari as an appetizer and halibut wrapped in thinly sliced prosciutto with rice and broccoli for the main course. Everything was delicious, but the calamari was outstanding. It was absolutely the best we have ever had. The batter was 1 cup of white flour, 1 teaspoon of salt, mixed with 1 cup of Amstel Light beer. What a treat.

So much of our energy is focused on caulking the deck, but we do take time out to enjoy all the wonderful signs of spring. Some of those photos are attached to this log.

120511 Day 185 Cape Cod, USA–Signs of Spring