Day 183, Year 7: Lost Day
Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Weather: Rain, Rain, and More Rain
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Today happened without my participation. Just before I wrote last night’s
log I started feeling simply terrible. I almost skipped writing the log I
felt so bad. But I wrote it and then went to bed. I started chilling and
couldn’t sleep. Eventually I took some Tylenol and dozed off. I’d
forgotten just how bad a person can feel. I only got out of bed today long
enough to drink some chicken broth at noon and again at 4:30. I think this
might be a first for me. I never just stay in bed no matter how bad I feel,
but whatever hit me, hit hard and fast. Finally at 8:30 tonight, I felt
good enough to get up and stay up. Sam and Jonah called me this evening to
see how I was feeling and to relate their stories of being sick as well.
Both of them got sick last night as well. They felt much better today but
didn’t go to school. Hopefully tomorrow all of us will feel better and
hopefully Mark, Heather, and Jed will not get this bug.

Mark went to work at West Marine tonight from 6 to 10 pm to help with
inventory. So at least he accomplished something today. It was a total
loss for me.