Day 172, Year 7: Call of the Wild
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2012
Weather: Same, Same–Mostly Sunny, Windy, and Cool
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

It is time for true confessions. For six years we traveled around the world
and only watched three or four videos the entire time. Other cruisers
watched a DVD every night, but we chose to read. I think I mentioned in a
log last week that I had caved and bought some el cheapo DVD’s at Walmart
for Mark to watch when he is really feeling lousy. Unfortunately, just
having the DVD cases sitting on the table has lured us into watching-even
though Mark feels great. Jack London’s Call of the Wild was just too
enticing. Evidently this was a TV series at some point, so the DVD was a
series of shows instead of one long video. That was perfect for us, and
tonight we watched the last in the series. It is amazing how easy it is to
entertain two people. Next we get to watch the Bonanza series. That’s
right-the Cartwright’s. You get what you pay for. These are the $5 DVD’s
available at Walmart, but I must admit that we are enjoying the diversion.

Today was a big day for baby Oliver. Mommy had to go to work to do a fund
raising shift, so Jed and I took turns holding Oliver as he slept. Heather
was due to return home around 2:15 pm, but around 1:30 pm Oliver got hungry.
He is breast-fed and has never had a bottle, but Heather had pumped some
milk and left it for us. Jed wanted to try feeding him with a bottle,
something that Sam and Jonah both rejected whole-heartedly, but it worked
today with Oliver. I think Jed really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to
feed him (as you can see in the attached photo) and both Jed and I were
elated that he took to the bottle so easily. Heather returns to work
part-time in June and has to work long hours on Mondays as that is when she
will be hosting a call-in program. Since Oliver is going to need to accept
breast milk from a bottle on those Mondays, Heather and Jed are going to try
to give him a bottle once a day from now on just to make sure he continues
to accept it

We are still chipping away at the bee garden and are hoping to have all the
sod removed by noon tomorrow. That will give us a couple of hours to rake
and plant before the bees arrive around 5 pm. So the big news for tomorrow
will be the arrival of the bees.

120428 Day 172 Cape Cod, USA–Oliver's First Bottle