Day 153, Year 7: Oliver Visits Windbird
Date: Monday, April 9, 2012
Weather: Beautiful Day, Temps in the 50’s, Windy
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Oliver is just shy of three weeks old and today he came for a visit on
Windbird. That makes him our youngest visitor ever. Sam visited Windbird
in Thailand and was onboard for his second birthday. Jonah and Ziggy made
their first visit to Windbird when we were in Puerto Rico last April. Ziggy
had just turned two and Jonah still had a few weeks to go. So at two weeks
and counting, Oliver is definitely the youngest of the four to visit.
Heather came to help us tape-off the teak deck so we could start the
caulking process. The three of us worked for most of three hours, with each
of us taking a little time-off to hold Oliver. He slept for the first
couple of hours, but then it was time to eat and play. Heather went to pick
up Sam and Jonah and I continued taping for two more hours while Mark
rested. All of that taping, and we only had half of one side of the deck
taped! Then Mark and I spent the next three hours caulking. He really did
all the work and I was just there to hand him things he needed and help
remove the tape once the caulk was in. We didn’t quite complete caulking
everything that had been taped off, but we can finish that in the morning.
The bigger problem is that we only ordered 12 tubes of caulk and now we only
have three tubes left. Once we finish what we have taped off, we certainly
won’t have enough left to even start the next half. And the only places
that we know we can buy the caulk we are using is in Jamestown, Rhode
Island, or Stewart, Florida. Heather and Oliver were going to come back on
Wednesday and help us tape-off the other half of the starboard deck, but
we’ll have to put that job on hold until new caulk arrives. We are using
something called Maritime Teak Deck Caulk. In the past we have always used
Boatlife Life Caulk, but Mark’s research showed that this newer brand has
better adhesive qualities. It certainly is easier to use, but then anything
sticky and black on a boat spells trouble. No matter how much taping you
do, there are always missteps which result in black globs on the teak. But
we had less mess with this new brand than in the past. Now we’ll just have
to hope that it holds up as long as the Life Caulk.

Since I usually pick Sam and Jonah up from school, I am at Heather’s to help
out in the afternoons. But today I stayed on the boat to work and Heather
had her three sons all to herself. Mark and I had told her we would come
when we finished the caulking job and play with the boys after nap. When
you are caulking, there is no time to stop and check the time, and by the
time we stopped, it was almost 6 pm. We missed playtime by two hours! We
went over anyway since we knew Jed had to leave to go to a meeting, and
Heather fed us dinner which was a welcome treat after hours on our knees.
We stayed and helped with bath and storytime before heading back to
Windbird. It was a very busy day, but Mark did get a good rest mid-day. He
is starting to feel “normal” again. He was tired at the end of the day, but
he didn’t have that uneasy feeling that he has had since Thursday. I think
we just have to adjust to the fact that he is going to have a few days of
uneasiness after every chemo treatment, and he can learn to live with that
as long as there are good days as well.

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