Day 148, Year 7: Happy 5th Anniversary to Justin and Jo
Date: Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Weather: Another Sunny Day with Temps in the 50’s
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Five years ago today Justin and Jo were married in California. Two years
and three days later Ziggy was born in New Mexico. So early April is a very
special time for them. Justin and Jo got married when we were in New
Zealand in 2007 and Ziggy was born in 2009 while we were sailing from
Thailand to Malaysia. We learned of both via email and were sad that we
weren’t there, but at the same time elated with the good news. Happy
Anniversary, Justin and Jo! Can’t believe it has been five years. We love
you and hope you had a glorious day.

I checked Jo’s website this evening and saw photos of their recent snow.
Last week when we talked to Justin and Jo, Jo talked about the apricot tree
in front of their house being in bloom and the wonderful spring weather.
Then the snow came over the weekend. I “borrowed” a photo that Jo posted on
Facebook of the apricot blossoms in the snow and am posting it here. Sure
hope the snow protected the blossoms and that there will still be apricots
this year. The blossoms are so beautiful.

It was another sunny, warm spring day here. I took Mark to work at West
Marine and then went to spend the morning with Heather and Oliver. Heather
bundled Oliver to the front of her and we started to head out to the
backyard. Just before opening the sliding glass doors in the kitchen,
Heather noticed a bat flying in circles in the backyard. We went out and
this little bat just kept circling and sometimes spiraling downwards. We
kept an eye out for it just in case it was rabid, but we suspected that it
more likely was just confused to be outside flying in the daylight. We
surveyed the garden and I planted seeds of some hearty veggies. Jed picked
up Sam and Jonah and brought them home and then everyone took an afternoon
nap while I hung out with Oliver. What a little sweetheart.

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