Day 139, Year 7: Trip to Boston
Date: Monday, March 26, 2012
Weather: Partly Sunny, Windy (up to 40 knots), Freeze Tonight
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

March came in like a lion and then we had a heat wave that made it feel more
like summer than spring. Now we are back to cool weather (daytime temps in
the 40’s) and tonight is supposed to be in the mid-20’s. Freezing!
Hopefully this is short-lived and we can get back to a happy medium.

We drove to Boston today for Mark’s appointment with his urologist, Dr.
Cutie, at Mass General Hospital. Mark’s appointment was a follow-up to the
TURP procedure he had done in mid-February and the doctor was very pleased.
The procedure did what it was supposed to do and there have been no
problems. Dr. Cutie did testing to see if Mark has a bladder infection and
he does not. So the issues he had at the end of last week were related to
the chemo as the oncologist told Mark on Saturday.

After the appointment, we did some food shopping in Boston and then headed
home. We came back to the boat and worked on the deck for an hour or so and
then we went to Heather and Jed’s. We delivered some food items we had
bought for them and enjoyed time with Sam, Jonah, and Oliver. Oliver is
doing great. He spends a lot of time sleeping, but when he has an awake
time he is quite alert. And he is so very, very cute. Sam and Jonah just
adore him. Sam likes to sit and rock him and Jonah wants to constantly hug
and kiss him. Both boys like to help when he needs a diaper change, and
that is quite often. Tomorrow morning I will go with Heather and Oliver on
a little shopping trip. Jonah was born in June so his hand-me-downs are
short-sleeved, and right now Oliver needs long sleeves. He has lots of
clothes in the 0-3 month range, but right now he needs premie and new born
sizes. Mark works at West Marine tomorrow so I will take him to work, shop
with Heather and Oliver, and then pick the boys up from school and bring
them to the boat for the afternoon. I’ll take them home, pick Mark up from
work, and then we head to Dick and Claire Wiklund’s for dinner. Busy, busy.

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