Day 125, Year 7: Signs of Spring
Date: Monday, March 12, 2012
Weather: Sunny, High Temp in the 50’s
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

Finally, the daffodils that have been bursting at the seams since late
January started to bloom today. There were two boats out in the Vineyard
Sound-first ones we’ve seen out there since December. And the little market
close to us had their fresh fruit and veggie cart out on the lawn full of
produce. Add to that the sunshine and the mild temperatures and you’ve
definitely got signs of spring. We went for a long walk this morning and
that’s when we saw the produce cart outside the local market. Then we went
to Woods Hole to pick up Sam and Jonah and it was on the way there that we
saw the first daffodils in bloom on a hillside just before Woods Hole. When
we got back to Heather and Jed’s we found that the daffodils on the southern
side of their house are in bloom as well. On the way home from Woods Hole,
both boys really wanted to take the road along the ocean, so we caved and
did it. Mark and I love that drive and today we saw a couple of small
recreational boats out in the Sound. Then after nap, Sam and Jonah, along
with the neighbor children, Molly and Joey, helped me transplant some greens
that survived the winter from the garden into pots. Heather and Jed are
going in with neighbors to rent a roto-tiller on the weekend to till the
garden, and I wanted to save some of the plants. Then I played football
with Sam while the other kids played on the swing set. So I’d say March 12
was the first day of spring here.

Mark is feeling great, my cold is getting better, and Heather is very slowly
getting better. She had an appointment with her doctor today and was
reassured that the baby is fine even though she has been severely dehydrated
over the past couple of days. She is on the road to recovery, but the
doctor says she really needs to take it easy for another couple of days.
Luckily she has no deadlines this week and can afford to take time to heal.
I’m going shopping with Claire Wiklund in the morning and will then bring
the boys to the boat for the afternoon. That will give Heather an extra
chance to rest and the boys will get to water all those seedling pots they
planted on Friday. I watered them today, but as hot as it gets on deck on
sunny days, they will need it again tomorrow.