Day 122, Year 7: Windbird Becomes a Greenhouse
Date: Friday, March 9,2012
Weather: Mostly Cloudy,High Temp in the Upper 40’s
Location: Brewer Fiddler’s Cove Marina, N Falmouth, MA

The weather today was mixed, most cloudy, but there were patches of sunshine. Mark and I took a short walk over to Dick and Claire Wiklund’s. I had left my new cookbook with Claire and I wanted to get it back for the weekend. Claire has been doing some research for me into where to find some of the more esoteric ingredients and we are planning a shopping expedition next Tuesday morning to go buy some of these things. After returning from the walk, I went to pick up Sam and Jonah and brought them back to Windbird for the afternoon. When they got up from nap, Mark and I took them home along with the seedling pots full of potting soil so they could plant the seeds with Heather. Heather has the same cold that I do, except worse, and by bringing the boys to the boat, she got a bit of a nap this afternoon. We made up for lost time when we got there by making a dirty mess in the kitchen with the potting soil, but we got lots of yummy vegetable seeds planted. My favorite was a type of pumpkin called a Red Warty Thing. Can’t wait to see that one. The seedling planters are in the cockpit tonight as we are expecting freezing temps, but tomorrow they will go out on the deck and Windbird will become an official greenhouse.

Mark is doing great. So far he is not feeling as tired as he did after his first chemo treatment. By the fourth day after the first treatment, he slept much of the day. But today he took the aft cabin apart to work on an electrical issue, went for a walk, and then went with me to take the boys home. It’s after 10 pm and he is still up reading. Even though he did have an initial strong reaction to the Oxaliplatin this time with what I called the lock-jaw syndrome, he has not been quite as cold-sensitive. The mouth sores he had after the first treatment have disappeared, but we expect those might return this weekend. Mark hates vinegar, but he has been faithfully gargling with warm water and vinegar in the hopes that he can keep the mouth sores at bay. We’re planning a low key weekend and then if he is still feeling good next week, we will launch into the teak deck repairs.