2021 Life Logs, Day 303: Quiet Day at Home
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2021
Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Rain Early and Late; High Temp 62, Low Temp 57 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

There was just enough rain this morning to change plans for the day. Ollie’s early morning soccer game was cancelled, and it was too wet to do yard work. I thought I was going to spend my day playing ‘pick up sticks’ in my yard, but instead, computer issues took priority. It was a quiet day at home being frustrated by my computer. I am dealing with the aftermath of a change in the way all of my photos and other files are stored in a cloud. Until this past week it was done by something called Back Up and Sync, but Google is no longer supporting that and thousands of files need to be move to Google Drive. It sounds easy but is not. Heather spent a lot of time last week trying to figure it out, but neither of us is sure we are doing it right. So ‘just in case’, I went to Staples this afternoon to buy a new 1 terabyte external hard drive to back things up on ‘earth’ in case the ‘cloud’ fails. I have backed things up on hard drives for years, but all of mine were full and photos from the last couple of years needed to be backed up. I will continue with the computer issues tomorrow.

My summer neighbor Andrew contacted me mid-day asking me to go to his house and do a few things. They have decided to rent the house for short-term stays through a vacation rental company, and they had just found out that the first renters were arriving this afternoon. There were just a few personal things he wanted me to do before the vacation rental company came in to do the pre-rental cleaning. While there I realized that their backyard and patio needed a leaf clean-up before the renters arrived and yard work is not done by the vacation rental folks. Sam and Ollie do Andrew’s yard work and were planning to do the storm clean-up over the next couple of weeks, but the unexpected advent of renters changed that. The boys weren’t available, so I used my leaf blower to blow the leaves into the yard from the patio. I then picked up as many of the larger twigs and branches blown off the trees during the storm as I could in a short period of time. It looked presentable.

It is raining out again tonight, but I am truly hoping for sunshine tomorrow. We have seen the sun peek through the clouds a few times yesterday and today, but basically it has been overcast and rainy, punctuated by an extreme storm, since Monday. Enough!

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