2021 Life Logs, Day 300: Clobbered by a Nor’easter
Date: Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Weather: Wind Gusts to 55 mph, Rain; High Temp 55, Low Temp 49 degrees F
Location: At Home in The Cottage, East Falmouth, MA

Forty-seven years ago today Mark and I were married on a beautiful day in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Today was not a beautiful day on Cape Cod. Starting last night around 10 pm, the winds picked up and the rain continued. Throughout the night I could hear the howling winds and when I got up to go outside with Shadow at about 7:30 am I was greeted by a big, downed tree in my side yard, leaves and branches littering the ground, and wind gusts up to 55 mph according to Weather Underground on my phone. Those gusts were so strong that small tree branches were flying through the air. We were out and in quickly to then discover that there was no electricity and there still is not. School was cancelled today, and many small businesses were closed. This is like an extreme winter blizzard without the snow.

My neighbor Andrew almost lost his boat when the boards holding the line cleats ripped up in the wind. He saw this happening and was able to run out to catch the lines. A little later in the morning, I helped him move the boat to his neighbor’s dock. But when I was outside that time, I saw that all of my outside furniture was blown hither and yon. As a result of the nasty weather, Shadow and I have spent most of our day curled up on the love seat by the front window where I can see to read. I went to the basement and got out my winter comforter for tonight and a heavy afghan to cuddle under. With the afghan over me and Shadow on top of that, I have been nice and toasty.

Heather and gang are among the lucky ones who have electricity, so they had Shadow and I over for dinner tonight. I am still at their house and will use their internet to send this log. But I have to say I was taken aback on the way here. There are no stoplights working in Falmouth, Aubuchon Hardware was close, Walmart was closed, and the two main grocery stores are running on emergency power. The latest update from the power company is that that it could be multiple days before we have power restored. Shadow and I will go home to sleep under that winter comforter tonight and assess just how comfortable we might be for multiple days without electricity. There is no school again tomorrow, so I will head this way in the morning to unload my freezer contents into Heather and Jed’s freezer and see what I can do with the boys as both Heather and Jed have busy work days tomorrow.

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