2018 Life Logs, Day 67—Leaving Puerto Bahia in the DR
Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Weather: Sunny and Warm; High 82, Low 72 degrees F
Location: Leaving Puerto Bahia, DR for Mayaguez, PR

The plan was to leave here today for a slow 36-hour sail to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The weather report this morning was okay, but when Sam went to tell the Commandante that we were leaving today, he said no one was allowed to check out because of the excessive northerly swell. He said he would be talking to his superior at 9 o’clock and he would have the final say. At 9:45 the Commandante came to the boat. He and Sam talked and we were given the go ahead to leave. Whew! Because the next opportunity would not be until next Thursday. If nothing changes in the next four hours, we will be leaving the Dominican Republic for Puerto Rico tonight. The north swell and any sea breeze should be calmed considerably by 8 pm, so we will leave the marina at 4 pm after checking out with the Commandant. Then we will anchor off a nearby island waiting for the calmer nighttime conditions. Leaving that late in the day will require sailing overnight tonight, all day tomorrow, and slowing down overnight tomorrow night to time our arrival in Mayaguez at first light. So, unless there is another hitch this afternoon, we will be on our way. The marina here is really first class, so if we are stuck here, at least we will be comfortable. The hotel is quite fancy and we use all the facilities. There is a small pool outside one of the bars in the hotel and another larger pool out by the Samana Bay. There is a small convenience store and at least three bars and three restaurants associated with the hotel. And there is a large, friendly staff attending to almost no one. There are condominiums all around with armed guards, but no one in them. And locals are not allowed to drive in here to go the restaurants. So a very few cruisers have the whole place to themselves. Very nice, but strange indeed.

As I said in yesterday’s log, you won’t hear from me again until Saturday when we reach Puerto Rico. Here’s hoping for a smooth Mona Passage crossing.