Day 94, Year 8: Silver Linings
Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Weather: Partly Sunny, Warming Up
Location: Lightkeepers Marina in Coquina Harbor, Little River, SC

If you haven’t seen the film, Silver Linings Playbook, you should. It is a heart-warming story of two young people with bi-polar and personality disorders that find a way to ‘normalcy’ through their relationship with each other. It shows a side of bi-polar disorder that most of us never think about it. The acting is good, especially that of Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany. The main character is the young man Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, who is bi-polar. He does a superb job of inviting you to embrace him in spite of his problems. I came away thinking “look for positive” in every person you encounter and everything you do. This story offered a little drama, a little romance, and a little comedy-a great combination. It’s a ‘feel good’ movie does ‘good’ by opening your eyes to another dimension of life. You don’t want to miss it.

We went to the afternoon matinee (senior citizen prices) with our friends Lee and Lynda Kaufman. We have not seen much of them recently, so it was great to get together for the movie and then for dinner afterwards. We went to a restaurant called Asian Fusion and enjoyed Thai food. Afterwards, Lee and Lynda came to Windbird for a dessert of dark chocolate sweets and rum. We did a rum taste test of Admiral Rodney from St. Lucia in the Caribbean, White Lion from St. Helena in the South Atlantic, and Saint Claude Carte Noir from Madagascar. The Caribbean rum is the most expensive with the Madagascar rum being super cheap and the St. Helena rum running somewhere in the middle. And in my estimation, the best rum by far was the cheapest in this test. I think it is the hint of Madagascar vanilla that makes Saint Claude so good.

Tomorrow we are headed north to Beaufort, North Carolina, to see sailing friends from Australia. We met Chris and Geoff of sailing yacht Shambala via email when we were in Madagascar. They had made the trip from MAD to Richards Bay in South Africa the year before and they shared information with us. We were on the same dock in Richards Bay and got to know them in person. And now they are in this country and we want to see them before they take off for the Bahamas and Cuba. I think they are returning to the US in the summer and heading on up to Canada before going back south and on through the Panama Canal on their way back to Australia. We’ll meet for lunch tomorrow and catch up on travel plans. We’re hoping we will see them again in the Northeast when they head to Canada, so we’ll check that out tomorrow. Then on Thursday morning we fly to Florida. We’re really looking forward to our visit with Mark’s family.