Day 9, Year 6 Working, Shopping
Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Weather: Sunny; Winds NE 15-20
Location: Tuzi Gazi Marina, Richards Bay, South Africa

This is one of those days that slipped away without us being sure of what we accomplished. We did a little boat maintenance. I worked on finishing up naming Madagascar photos, Mark did a little research on the internet, and all of a sudden it was afternoon and time to go shopping. We’re trying to make sure we use our days wisely while we have a car. So when we are not out touring, we plan to spend half a day shopping for all those items we are going to need for the next eight months. We went into Richards Bay to the Boardwalk Mall with Ed and Lynne and managed to spend the entire afternoon food shopping. Since our little car doesn’t hold much, we bought only what we could get home, and then Mark and I went back out to buy cases of beer at a different mall. I don’t know what is worse-living in a house and having to go to the grocery store at least once a week, or living out here and shopping solid for a month and then living off that for the next six months. It seems to us that eating is highly over-rated! Maybe things really haven’t changed so much since the days of hunters and gatherers-just the methods are different.

Tomorrow Ed and Lynne will take the little car and go to Durban. They are taking both our life raft and theirs to be serviced and they are taking their headsail to be repaired. The car will be packed to the brim when they leave here in the morning. Then the next day Mark and I will go to Durban to shop for boat parts. We’ll have an empty car on the way down, but we will probably end up buying two toilets that will fill the back seat for the return trip. We will spend our day tomorrow studying the road atlas and making sure we know our way to and around Durban and going over the lists of needed boat parts to make sure we don’t forget something. We’re hoping to have to make only the one trip to Durban, but that’s probably a fantasy.