Day 43, Year 6 Cold Feet
Date: Monday, December 6, 2010
Weather: Overcast and Rainy, Winds SW 15
Location: Tuzi Gazi Marina, Richards Bay, South Africa

One can have cold feet for different reasons. One can be because the weather is cloudy, dreary, and cool. The other is that one is a bit afraid of what is to come. So today we had cold feet for both reasons. The weather here was miserable with temps in the low 70’s (I know, you don’t feel sorry for us.) We both wore socks all day to keep warm. The other reason for cold feet, the one of being apprehensive about what is ahead, was the other reason. It looks like we are really leaving here early, early Wednesday morning and that we should have at least three to four days, maybe even five days, of northerly winds. All of this can change quickly, but we have checked into the weather nets and they are saying it is great time to head south. So we will leave and go as far as we can until the weather window closes. It looks like we might be able to get to Port Elizabeth which is about 500 nautical miles from here. If we can get there, then we will wait for the next window to head to the west. But just the thought of heading south along this coast is enough to give anyone cold feet. The weather can change quickly and become dangerous. We should be fine as long as we constantly listen to the weather reports and duck into a port as soon as bad weather is forecast. We certainly won’t be taking any chances. We will be vigilant.

I do have a real cold, not an allergic reaction, but so far it is under control. I sat still all day and named photos and got through all of the first four days at Kruger. I’ll lay low tomorrow as well. It is not the best idea to leave on a passage when you aren’t feeling great, but we have done it before when Mark had a cold and we made it fine. To get a five day window is really hard to come by and we just don’t want to pass it up. So on we go.

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