Day 376, Year 6: Home Again, Home Again
Date: Friday, November 4, 2011
Weather: Overcast, Windy, Daytime Temps in the 40’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Our whirlwind trip to New Hampshire ended this morning when we arrived back in Falmouth in time for Mark to go to work at West Marine at noon. On the way home we had time to stop at IKEA to get some of the delicious frozen Swedish meatballs they sell there and I picked up a couple of packages of teeny, tiny indoor Christmas lights that are battery operated. These little sets are great for decorating a holiday table. And when we got back to Concord we still had time to take some things to Heather and Jed’s basement. We called the Post Office yesterday and found that we can send forty pounds of books to Ziggy in New Mexico for only $18. So we brought back a big box of children’s books to send to him. But I have to find out the address before I can send them. Justin, Jo, and Ziggy moved from Madrid to Ojo Sarco, New Mexico last week. Ojo Sarco is in the mountains on the way from Santa Fe to Taos. They are renting a home on twenty acres of land and there is grass, trees, and a stream. This is high desert and it is cooler than where they lived south of Santa Fe, but from the photos they posted on Picasa today it looks great. The view of the snow capped mountains that are not too far in the distance is breath taking. From what we can see in the photos, Ziggy has fashioned himself a fishing pole out of a stick and some string and he’s fishing in that little stream. This area is farming country since there is water readily available and Justin and Jo are very excited about being able to grow as much of their food as they can. Congratulations to Justin and Jo for finding such a beautiful spot. We are very excited that we will be spending Christmas with them in their new home.

This afternoon life was back to normal. Mark went to work at West Marine and I picked Sam and Jonah up from school. Friday is Pizza Night at the Goldstones, so after nap, we made pizzas. It’s a messy affair, but both boys were very excited about the pizza party. The public radio station where Heather works has just started their fall fund raiser, so she was on the air until 6 pm. Tomorrow morning is Sam’s last soccer game of the fall season and we will meet Heather and boys at the field at 9 am. She has to be on the air from 10 until 1 tomorrow, so we’ll take over child care until she gets home. Jed is still in Europe. I thought he was in France, but Sam insisted today that he is in Norway. Sure enough, when I talked to Heather, she confirmed that Sam was correct. He goes from Norway to England on Monday, presents a paper at a meeting, and then flies home on Tuesday. I guess I had better pay better attention. I don’t like it when a four year-old knows more than I do!

111104 Day 376 Cape Cod, USA–Pizza Party
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