Day 372, Year 6: To Pee, or Not To Pee
Date: Sunday, October 31, 2011
Weather: Mostly Sunny and Warmer, No Wind
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

To pee, or not to pee . . . paraphrasing Hamlet, “that is the question” that Mark has been asking since June. Today he went to Mass General to have a prostatic stent put in the urethra. This was a temporary experimental procedure to see if expanding the urethra would allow him to use his abdominal muscles to pee without using a catheter. Neither Mark nor the doctor was very hopeful, but it worked! So for the first time since June, Mark is fairly optimistic that he might not actually have to continue to self-catheterize every time he goes to the bathroom. After they do the laser procedure to widen the urethra on December 9, he should be able to pee normally as he did all day today with the stent in. The name of the prostatic stent is The Spanner. Most descriptive.

Otherwise, today was all about Halloween. At 11:15 am, Sam and Jonah’s classes from the Woods Hole Cooperative Day Care paraded down the main street in Woods Hole. The two year-olds were adorable dressed in their ladybug, Nemo, fairy princess, and lion costumes. The four year-olds paraded as super heroes, dragons, skeletons, Count Dracula, a duck, and of course, more princesses. The teachers were dressed as the characters from the Wizard of Oz. It was all very cute. Tonight we went to Heather and Jed’s and gave out candy while a Dinosaur Heather, Wizard Jed, Superman Sam, and Ladybug Jonah went out Trick or Treating. The dino and wizard costumes were made by Mark and me over 25 years ago. They have certainly been well used over the years.

Jed leaves tomorrow for eight days in Europe. He starts out at a conference in France and ends up in England before returning home next week. While Jed is gone, I’m sure Mark and I will be spending more time at Heather’s in the evenings helping with the kids. On Friday another Xantrax inverter/charger should arrive and Mark will spend much of his weekend doing the installation. When he got to Boston this morning, he called the Xantrax service center in Massachusetts to see if he could bring in the inverter/charger for them to check. They told him to take it back to West Marine and have Xantrax send a new one. Evidently this particular unit is so new that they have no repair parts yet. So let’s hope the second one doesn’t fail as it appears we have no local support.

111031 Day 372 Cape Cod, USA–Happy Halloween