Day 356, Year 6: Fun with the Grandkids
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Weather: Windy, Gusts to 45 Knots; Mixed Sun, Clouds, and Rain
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Despite the changeable weather, we attended Sam’s Saturday morning soccer game in the sunshine, had a sunny but windy lunchtime picnic at the playground here in Woods Hole with Jed and the boys, brought the boys to Windbird for naps, and then had Heather and Jed join us for dinner on the boat. In between some of those activities, we had heavy downpours and we had super windy conditions all day long. Sam was so worn out from his morning soccer game that he had no problem falling asleep on Windbird as she creaked and groaned in the wind. But it was so loud in the v-berth (the straining of the mooring lines) where Jonah normally sleeps that I had to take him to the aft cabin.

In the late afternoon, the boats in the pond were pointing in strange directions. It was either current or the high winds whipping off the buildings on shore and causing some of us to face one way while others face the opposite direction. This put us way too close to one boat and Mark decided it was time to move from the mooring to the dock. When we got home last night we saw that Woods Hole Marine had cleared a spot for us, so with Heather, Jed. Sam, and Jonah’s help, we moved Windbird to her new location. Mark drove the boat, I threw lines ashore, and HJJ&S caught the lines and fended us off. A huge houseboat is attached to the dock and we are now tied to the houseboat. So no more creaking and groaning on the mooring and no more worries about hitting another boat. And now we have shore electricity and water, so when the weather does turn cold, we will have heat.

The big boat news of the day is that we have a new home for Windbird for the winter. The manager of Kingman Marine called today and said that they would refund the entire deposit so that we can now go to Brewer’s Fiddler Cove for the winter. This means that we can use our own contractor to do the plastic covering for Windbird for the winter, but it also means that we will probably be the only live-aboards there. However, the marina is staffed daily through the winter, so we will have a bit of company. Fiddler’s Cove will allow us to come in anytime after the end of October, but depending on the weather, we might stay right here in Woods Hole until the middle of November now that we are at a dock. It will cost us a bit more, but it is so convenient to be here. Besides, maybe staying here longer will make the winter seem a little shorter.

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