Day 341, Year 6: Happy Birthday, Heather
Date: Friday, September 30, 2011
Weather: Back to Summer Weather, Temps in the mid-70’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Happy Birthday, Heather!

Today was all about birthday surprises. Our daughter Heather celebrated her 36th birthday today and I spent yesterday afternoon and this afternoon with Sam and Jonah preparing surprises for her. Heather flew to Nantucket yesterday for a conference and returned tonight. So while she was gone, I worked with Sam and Jonah on coming up with the birthday surprises. Sam wanted a chocolate cake with both chocolate and white frosting, so we baked the two-layer round cake yesterday and put the icing on today. We put chocolate in-between the two layers and on the sides, but put white on the top so we could decorate. I bought small tubes of decorating gel and the boys had a great time squeezing the goo all over the top of the cake. I didn’t get any photos of the boys putting on the icing as I was pretty busy trying to avoid disaster. Try as I did, they ended up with icing all over their faces, arms, and bellies. I had them take their shirts off before we began and that was certainly a good idea. But I was able to get photos of the gel decorating and the final product. After the gel, we added 36 candles and I shot a video of them singing Happy Birthday.

To backtrack a bit, today when I picked Sam and Jonah up from school we went to the local nursery to buy mums and a bale of straw for the front yard. I let the boys each pick out a potted mum, but as we were carrying them to the cashier Jonah saw what he called kale (ornamental kale) and insisted that we buy that for momma. Kale is a favorite from the garden and it was so cute that Jonah thought of that all by himself. There are also lots of pumpkins in the garden, so the boys thought they could use the bale of straw to sit the pumpkins on with the flowers sitting on the ground around the bale. Nice idea, but what really happened is that the pumpkins are on the ground so the boys can sit and stand on the bale of straw. They really were thinking of mommy when they dreamed up their present, but it just ended up to be too much fun to jump off a bale of hay to have it for decoration only.

This evening Jed and the boys drove to Hyannis to pick-up Heather from the small airport there. We didn’t get to see her on her birthday, but I sure had fun with Sam and Jonah making birthday surprises.

110930 Day 341 Cape Cod, USA–Happy Birthday, Heather