Day 332, Year 6: The New ‘Voyage of Windbird’ Website
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Weather: Sunny and Warm, Temps in the Low 70’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Today felt almost balmy to us after the last few days of cooler weather. Today was a work day at West Marine for Mark and a Granny Nanny day for me. But I spent a little extra time transporting as Sam had another dentist appointment this morning. That meant that Jed took him, but I went in to pick up Heather and Jonah and bring them to Woods Hole. Then I had to take Mark to work at noon and come back to Woods Hole again to pick up Jonah. So I did a little back and forth and back and forth, but it was a beautiful day and I took the beach route on a couple of my runs just to be close to the water.

If you read these logs on our website, then you know that our website has a new look. When the page comes up you see one of four slides that you can click on to go to different parts of the site-About Us, About Windbird, Planned Routes, and Tracking Windbird. You can also go to Sailing Logs by year. Those logs are in chronological order from the beginning of the year to the end. If you scroll down on the homepage, you can read the three most recent logs, and you can subscribe to get our daily logs delivered straight to your email. It’s an easy process. You simply look in the right hand column and scroll down past the photo of Windbird flying her courtesy flags and the slide show featuring recent photos. Below that you will see–Get our Logs via Email. Click on ‘Subscribe’ and follow the directions from there. It just requires that you enter your email address and you will then get an email where you just need to click to verify. After that you will receive our daily logs straight to your email box