Day 331, Year 6: Garden Shed Has a Roof
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Weather: Overcast with Periods of Light Sprinkles, Continued Warming
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

As soon as I sent last night’s log, our son Justin called to tell us all is well with Ziggy. Justin had sent a photo to us of the staples in back of Ziggy’s head, but Mark had not seen the attachment when he read the email on his phone. Once I saw the photo, I felt much better, although staples holding together a gash in the back of a two year-old’s head is never very comforting. So the good news is that Ziggy is fine, but the next time he decides to walk on a rock wall, I hope there is only sand below-no rocks-for him to fall on. This afternoon while Jonah (the other two year-old grandchild) and I were helping Granddad work on the garden shed, Jonah tripped and fell out of the door of the shed face first into the dirt below. He must have had his mouth open as his tongue was absolutely dirt encrusted. But he just got up and wiped his mouth on my shirt and kept going. Tough stuff! And thankfully there were no rocks where he fell.

Granddad spent his whole day working on the shed and it now has a roof, a window, and a door. The only thing missing are the shingles on the roof and the battens on the front and back of the shed. Since Mark works at West Marine tomorrow, further work on the shed will have to happen on Thursday. For now we have a tarp over the plywood roof, and hopefully on Thursday he’ll complete the job. What doesn’t get done on Thursday won’t get done by Mark for sometime as we have found out that we are going to have to have Windbird hauled out of the water next Monday. We need an out-of-water marine survey for insurance purposes. Mark works at West Marine on Friday and Saturday. We’ll move the boat to Kingman Yacht Center on Sunday and then be hauled out on Monday. As long as the boat has to be hauled we are going to have the bottom painted and we’ll install new through-hulls. So most of next week when be centered on Windbird. We have been going back and forth between insurance companies for the past couple of weeks trying to determine whether or not we were really going to have to hauled out. Finally today it became apparent that we are, but we still don’t know what insurance company we will end up with. Our current insurance is through Blue Water who has sub-contracted with a company in London. Because we have been in foreign waters for the past few years, our insurance on the boat has been European-based and very expensive. But now that we are back in home waters, the insurance cost will be much cheaper BUT in order to change companies, everyone is demanding an out-of-water survey. We had hoped to wait until spring to do this so that we would have new bottom paint for summer sailing, but all avenues to this end have been blocked. So out of the water we will come next week. Fun, fun, fun.

110920 Day 331 Cape Cod, USA–Garden Shed Gets a Roof