Day 315, Year 6: Relaxed Sunday in Woods Hole
Date: Sunday, September 4, 2011
Weather: Overcast and Windy
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

We had thought we might sail to Martha’s Vineyard today, but the weather was still very windy and overcast. It was just not inviting for a sail. So we enjoyed our day on Windbird and went ashore to explore Woods Hole. Josh and Kevin and Claire enjoyed their night aboard Windbird and all got a good night’s sleep. It was Josh’s first night aboard a boat and he gets an A+ for getting quickly adapted to boat living. Kevin and Claire have a sailboat, so they are very used to boat living. Mark went to work early and then the rest of us headed to shore around 10:30 am. We were all excited to get a short reprieve from the clouds late morning. We went to the NOAA aquarium to watch the 11 am seal show and then walked through the aquarium enjoying the various displays. Josh and I walked down to the beach, then all of us went to Pie in the Sky, a small indoor-outdoor cafĂ©, and enjoyed late morning refreshments. We tried to visit the Woods Hole Museum and the Library, but both were closed on Sunday. The library has a great offering outside. There is an alcove with bookshelves filled with books for sale for twenty-five cents each, five for $1. It is an honor system and quite a service to the community. We then decided to head back to Windbird for lunch. We lazed away the afternoon waiting for Mark to get home and then talked ourselves into the evening. Kevin and Claire graciously offered to take us all to dinner, so we enjoyed various seafood delights at the Fish Monger which is just across the street from the WHOI parking lot where we keep our car. Nothing is very far in Woods Hole. We always enjoy our time with Kevin and Claire and this weekend was no exception. And thank you, Kevin and Claire, for taking us out for the fantastic dinner.

When we returned from dinner, we made a Skype call to Josh’s home in North Carolina. My sister-in-law (Josh’s grandmother) was there, all but one of Josh’s brother’s and sisters, his mom and dad (my nephew), and one of my sister’s daughters, Jennifer, and her family. Josh told everyone about his experience so far in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he is doing a City Year with AmeriCorp. He loves the work with young inner-city children who need extra support and he likes living in the North Country. Josh will be spending his year working with fourth graders. He posts a weekly log, Words from the Granite State ( In addition to a dream of someday teaching at the college or high school level, Josh is quite a good writer. I find his weekly logs quite insightful and entertaining. I just read the log he wrote tonight and found myself a little teary-eyed. He was quite gracious in his description of his weekend with us. Josh, you have the dreams and the ambitions to reach them. We wish you the best of luck in your adventure this year. We know it will serve as a wonderful stepping stone to a future dedicated to changing the world one child at a time. And we hope this was just the first of many weekends you will come spend with us on Windbird.

110904 Day 315 Cape Cod, USA–Josh, Kevin, and Claire Visit