Day 312, Year 6: Day Trip North
Date: Thursday, September 1, 2011
Weather: Partly Sunny and Warm
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Since we had to drive to Boston today for Mark’s appointment at Mass General Hospital, we decided to head on north to New Hampshire to check on our storage unit. It has been almost two years since we were there, but when we arrived and opened the door, there were no surprises. Everything looked just like it did in September of 2009. It is a 10 by 20 foot unit and it is jam-packed. There is a U-shaped walkway so we can walk around, but the mass of stuff was just overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that we actually just shut the door, locked it, and decided to return on another day when we have more time. We’ll pack up our summer clothes and return in October to get things for fall and winter. We were done early, so we went to the Kanegsberg’s home to visit. We were supposed to meet them at noon to go to lunch, but we spent the extra time catching up on Concord news and then went to lunch. We went to In a Pinch CafĂ© which happens to be in the same building as New Hampshire Public Radio. So Mark took the elevator to the top floor for a quick visit with friends there. By 3 pm we were back in the heart of Boston at Mass General and only an hour later we were on our way home to the Cape. It took six weeks to arrange an appointment with a neurologist, but the time with the doctor was short. Dr. Lehrich did a full neurological exam and declared that Mark has no neurological issues. He didn’t order an MRI because he saw no reason for one, but if after the urologist reads his report and wants the MRI done, then it will happen. No one seems to be able to pinpoint the problem and it takes weeks between appointments. In the meantime, Mark is still self-catheterizing while we wait to see what the next recommendation might be. Patience, patience.