Day 296, Year 6 Just a Work Day
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Weather: Overcast and Sprinkles, Temperature 60-70 degrees F
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

There was no sunshine today but at least the pouring rain stopped. We started our day with a little boat work. I varnished the pieces of wood that will hold the gimbal brackets for the new stove and Mark cleaned the Stayloc fittings on the bottom of our stays because they were showing signs of rust. We then drove into Falmouth where I delivered Mark to West Marine and then I went to a garage to see if they could investigate the muffler problem we first encountered yesterday when we were driving through the deep water on the roads. As we suspected, a cursory look from the mechanic indicated that the tail pipe has separated somewhere near the catalytic convertor, but I have to take the car in tomorrow morning at 8 am to put it on the lift and get a more complete picture of the problem.

It was laundry day, so I headed to Heather’s after checking in that the garage and did laundry for us and for Heather and Jed. The time passes quickly, and soon I headed out to pick up the boys from Summer Camp. Sam has a fantastic imagination and each day he plays a pretend trip that we take when we get in the car. Today we went to the ‘capitol’ in Boston and had a little picnic (pieces of watermelon he hadn’t eaten for lunch), and then headed home. Jonah usually falls asleep on the way home, but he was wired today. He did fall asleep, but not soundly, so when I tried to get him out of the car seat, he was wide awake and still wired. It took almost an hour to get both boys settled in for a nap, but finally they were both sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow the boys have morning dentist appointments, so Heather is taking the day off, and that means Oma has the day off. Mark is not working at West Marine tomorrow, so we will spend the day combing through the new website searching out the problems. We talk with Justin tomorrow evening, so we’ll have our list ready. Mark works on Thursday, then he has the weekend off. At this point the weather for the weekend doesn’t look great, but if that improves, we might go for a weekend sail.