Day 284, Year 6 The Perfect Cape Cod Summer Day
Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011
Weather: Perfect Cape Cod Day-Sunny, Mid 70’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit cool for me. The skies were blue, the sun was shining, and the beaches were packed. I intentionally take the beach road when I drive to and from Falmouth just so I can see the beach and the Vineyard Sound each day. It is beautiful and people flock to it, but it is not the tropics-so the temperature is great for those wanting to escape the higher than normal summer weather inland, but cool for those of us who have arrived here from the tropics. I’ll just have to adjust. After nap today, the boys wanted to go in their little swimming pool, but just like me, as soon as they put their little toes in the water, they were out of there-a little too cool. So perfect weather as it is, it can even feel a little cool to natives in the late afternoon. When Heather got home tonight she heard geese honking overhead and tonight in Eel Pond we can smell wood burning in someone’s fireplace. Oh, my. Are these signs that summer is nearing an end? I’m not ready for that.

Mark and I started the day going to shore to get jerry jugs of water to fill Windbird’s water tanks. This is one of the hassles of living in a pond on a mooring. You can’t use a watermaker as there is always a little oil in the water when anchored or moored so close to other boats, and oil and watermakers are NOT compatible. So we either move the boat to the dock or we carry water. We had another boat issue this morning and that was our water pump. In order to conserve water, I have been trying to shower at Heather and Jed’s, but I get busy and this just doesn’t always happen. So I got in the shower this morning, got my hair washed, and was all soaped up when all of a sudden there was no water-in fact, there was no water pump running, so I knew right away that we had a problem. Mark moved the solar shower around to the shower port and I finished showing with very cool water. It was too early in the morning for the sun to have had any affect. And I have to tell you that I really don’t like rinsing my hair with cold water, but I had no choice. Mark was able to piece together a new pump by day’s end, so we’ll just hope this one works.

I headed into town by 9 am for a chiropractor appointment and Mark stayed on the boat and spent his day applying AwlCare to the hull. My chiropractor appointment was successful. The work Dr. Walko is doing on my right arm is really helping. But if I don’t consistently do the exercises he is recommending he says I might have to wear a shoulder brace, so I have been duly warned and must work harder at doing those recommended exercises. And as always, I had a great time with Sam and Jonah this afternoon. They are both just too cute for words. Mark worked on waxing the hull and after finishing one side he was absolutely exhausted. I wasn’t here, but I’m sure that was the case because he got on the boat and forgot to tie off the dinghy. I don’t think that has ever happened before, but luckily a neighboring boat was able to rescue it for him. There are a number of boats visiting in Eel Pond from Rhode Island and it was one of those who came to the rescue.

A little forewarning-our son Justin is working on our website. It is going to have a new look but in the meantime some of the details will not be available. Daily logs will continue to be available, so no worries there. We are going to be adding some new features. When the changes start to happen, let us know what you think. And be honest. If there are changes that you do or don’t like, please let us know.