Day 260, Year 6 Soccer Camp
Date: Monday, July 11, 2011
Weather: Foggy Early, Turning to Sunshine and Blue Skies
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Today was all about soccer camp. Sam is taking the week off from his regular summer camp to attend a week-long soccer camp. Shortly after I took Mark to work, I got a phone call from our daughter Heather asking if I could change my plans and come to the soccer field to be there with Sam. He had been so excited to go to this one week soccer camp, but once he got there he became a little less enthusiastic. There were lots of kids, most a year to two older than Sam, and he was a bit intimidated by the situation. He made it through a good bit of the morning, but sat out the last bit and just watched. He’s going back tomorrow to give it another go, and hopefully things will go smoothly. After soccer camp, Sam and I had lunch beside a lake and then went to pick-up Jonah from his summer camp. Jonah had his best day to date and was a happy little camper when Sam and I arrived to pick him up. Until Mark and I arrived here two and a half weeks ago, Sam and Jonah had both been home three days a week with a nanny. The day after we arrived was the last day for the nanny and summer camp started on the next Monday. And then on Friday the boys went to Maine for five days. There have been many changes in their lives in the past two and half weeks, but given all the chaos, they both seem to be adapting nicely to all of the changes. And I guess I can say the same about me and Mark. Slowly, we are settling into this new lifestyle. Mark continues to really enjoy his days working at West Marine and I can think of nothing I’d rather be doing than playing with grandchildren.

110711 Day 260 Cape Cod, USA–Sam at Soccer Camp