Day 256, Year 6 Happy Birthday to Mark
Date: Thursday, July 7, 2011
Weather: Mostly Sunny Day with Temps in the Upper 70’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Today was the Mark’s 69th birthday. I guess I had better start the preparations now for his big 70 next year. He didn’t have to work today, so we spent our morning in Woods Hole and our afternoon at our daughter Heather’s home and both were delightful experiences. We walked out to Nobska Lighthouse this morning. The walk is along the beach and Martha’s Vineyard is just across the bay. The ferries going to and from the Vineyard are constant and today there were lots of sailboats headed out of Woods Hole. The line of those waiting for a tour of the lighthouse was long, so we decided not to wait. The Coast Guard doesn’t do these tours often, but I’m sure we’ll have another chance sometime later in the summer or fall. But the views were beautiful and I took lots of photos of the summer wild flowers we saw along the way. At 12:45 pm our daughter Heather met us in the parking lot and we drove together to Falmouth to pick up Sam and Jonah from summer camp. Today’s plan was for Mark and I to go in to pick them up but have Heather outside if things didn’t go well. But things went great and neither boy asked about mommy or daddy. So tomorrow I get my first chance to pick them up without back-up. Hopefully that goes as smoothly as today. Heather has mid-day interviews and Jed and Mark have to be at work, so it will just be Oma and Sam and Jonah. But let’s go back to today and the birthday celebration. Mark got to spend his afternoon on the internet sitting at Heather’s dining table and he was in heaven. He is still trying to figure out the best phone system for us. Justin called from England to wish him a happy birthday and they are working together on figuring out the phone situation. After nap, I took the boys to the backyard and we had a great time spraying each other with water. After that, I took them for a walk. Well, I walked and pulled Jonah in the wagon while Sam rode on his wooden bicycle with no pedals. He just zooms along using foot power and has developed amazing balance and agility. We ended the day with a salmon cake birthday dinner and chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing topped with sprinkles for dessert. Sam and Jonah supplied the sprinkles and the cupcakes were enjoyed by all. Mark then opened his presents with Jonah’s and Sam’s help. It was all low-key but Mark is still talking about how much fun he had. Grandparents are so easily entertained by grandchildren that it doesn’t take much to make the perfect day.

110707 Day 256 Cape Cod, USA–Mark's Birthday