Day 245, Year 6 Happy Birthday to Jonah
Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011
Weather: Overcast Morning, Sunny Afternoon
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Today was our grandson Jonah’s second birthday and what a celebration he had. It started early with a birthday brunch with grandparents. We had bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, Jonah’s favorite, and then he opened presents from parents and grandparents. Grammy Marti and Papa Donald got him a steel shovel for digging in the dirt, his favorite activity, along with boots to protect his little toes while digging, and a great construction vehicle vest. He loved it. The wagon that Heather and Jed and Mark and I went in together to buy for him was also quite a hit. The tires are great and make pulling the heavy wagon very easy. Sam was able to pull Jonah to the corner store and back part way and Jonah was able to pull Sam and a wagon loaded with groceries. After returning from our outing to the corner store, I went to work with Marti in the kitchen helping to get food ready for the afternoon backyard party. At some point, Marti kept cooking while I went out and helped with outside set-up. We had at least twenty adults and twenty children to entertain and feed dinner. We thought we had it all together when our friends Alan and Helaine Kanegsberg from Concord, NH, arrived. But once other people started coming, it seemed that I was busy full-time just taking care of one thing and then another until everyone left. I didn’t get to visit with Alan and Helaine as much as I would have liked, but we took them back to their boat in Falmouth Harbor and spent an hour talking and visiting. They are on a return sailing trip from Long Island to their summer mooring in Maine and stopping here to see us and attend Jonah’s party was right on the way. We were so glad to see them and so appreciative that they stopped. The day was a busy one, but the party was quite a success and I know Jonah enjoyed his special day. That makes all the work worth it.

In between all of the craziness of getting ready for the party, we bought a car jointly with Heather and Jed. I was supposed to fly back to the Carolinas tomorrow and then drive back my brother-in-law’s truck so we would have transportation. But yesterday we found out from Jed that another person working in Woods Hole had a 1999 Ford Taurus station wagon for sale for $1200. Heather and Jed desperately need a back-up for Heather’s old 1995 Honda Civic, so it make sense for them to legally buy the car and let us use it for the months we are here. We split the cost in half and if the car lasts through the summer and early fall, we will certainly get our $600 out it. We were going to have to pay about $200 in fuel to get the truck here and another $200 to get it home in the fall. And then if it will run through the winter and into the spring, Heather and Jed will have gotten their money’s worth. So I won’t be flying to Myrtle Beach tomorrow. Instead I will go with Mark to Boston for his appointment at Mass General Hospital.

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