Day 243, Year 6 Settling In
Date: Friday, June 24, 2011
Weather: Totally Overcast; Temp in Low 60’s
Location: Eel Pond, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

We are settling into Windbird’s new home in Woods Hole, but the weather is not helping the situation. Heather, Jed, Sam, and Jonah came to greet us and have dinner aboard Windbird last evening. They were cold and wet by the time they rode out to Windbird in the dinghy, but despite the rain and very cool weather, we had a delightful evening together. We had all the sushi we could eat from the yellowfin tuna that Rex reeled in on Wednesday, and then we grilled the rest and enjoyed every bite. Rex had never eaten sushi before so he decided to be adventurous and try it-and he liked it. It would have been hard not to like it as this tuna was the “melt in your mouth” variety.

Today (Friday) was my nephew Rex’s last full day with us and we spent the morning touring in Woods Hole. Our son-in-law Jed gave us a great tour of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s research facilities and dock and after a New England Chowder lunch at Captain Kidd’s, Mark and Rex did a walking tour of the town while I went to the grocery store and then with my daughter Heather. Sunday is Jonah’s second birthday and Heather and Jed have invited all their friends and their children for a barbecue and birthday party on Sunday evening. Heather and I did some of the shopping for that and then headed home to greet Jed’s parents, Marti and Donald who had arrived a little earlier in the afternoon. After work, Jed brought Mark and Rex home with him and we all enjoyed visiting and having dinner together.

Tomorrow morning we drive Rex to Providence, Rhode Island, to catch his flight back to his home in Charleston, West Virginia. Despite the weather and his bouts with seasickness, I think Rex enjoyed the passage and we certainly enjoyed having him with us. He is great crew and it was nice to have time to visit with him after so many years of absence. Rex’s son and daughter are now in their twenties and Rex is the proud grandfather of five month old grandson Kitt. My, how the years pass so quickly.

We will spend this weekend visiting with Heather and Jed and Jed’s parents and enjoying Sam and Jonah. Monday Mark heads to Boston for his appointment at Mass General Hospital and will hopefully begin getting some answers to his medical issues. I am supposed to fly back to North Carolina on Monday evening to pick up my sister and brother-in-law’s truck they are going to loan us for the summer, but Heather and Jed have found a car that they might buy and let us use for the summer. If that happens, then I will begin being a granny nanny on Monday.

110624 Day 243a Cape Cod, USA–Windbird in Eel Pond
110624 Day 243b Cape Cod, USA–Tour of WHOI Research Facilities