Day 240, Year 6 Passage to Cape Cod, Day 4-Happy Birthday, Jo!
Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 5:30 pm
Weather: Cloudy with a Spot of Sun Here and There
Wind: SW 12 Knots
Latitude: 38 27.328 N
Longitude: 073 17.273 W
Location: Offshore Delaware
Miles Traveled: 444 (~220 miles to Cape Cod)

Happy birthday to Jo, our daughter-in-law. Justin, Jo, and Ziggy are on a road trip and are somewhere in California right now. Silvermouse, their music group, has been playing at various venues for the past two weeks, but soon they will be headed back to New Mexico just in time to fly to England to spend a month with Jo’s family. But wherever you are today, Jo, we hope you had a fabulous day.

We have certainly had a better day today. We were forced to continue heading to the west until almost midnight last night, but then the wind and seas calmed down enough for us to head back on course. We had to motor since the wind was still coming from the direction we were headed, so progress was very slow (2-3 knots) until this morning when the wind turned a bit allowing us to go 4 knots with a 1-2 knot negative current. We still have a bit of negative current but are now motoring at about 5 knots. At this rate we could be in Block Island, Rhode Island on Thursday morning or possibly all the way to Woods Hole on Cape Cod by Thursday evening. We haven’t decided whether or not we will make a stop. I guess we’ll just see where the wind or lack of wind blows us.

I think we have all recovered from yesterday. It was just one really miserable day. But everything is now dried out. We had clear skies early this morning and I thought it was going to be a beautiful day, but then the clouds moved in. The temperature is about 74 degrees so without the sun, it actually feels cool. But even at night, I’m still in shorts but with a polar fleece jacket. Mark and I are not sure how we are going to adapt to the cooler temperature, but we heard on the weather radio today that tomorrow and Thursday the temps on land will be in the 90’s. Maybe that will help us with the adjustment period.

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