Day 238, Year 6 Passage to Cape Cod, Day 2a-Happy Father’s Day!
Date: Sunday, June 19, 2011, 11:15 am
Weather: Sunny, Upper 80’s
Wind: SW 22-32 Knots Overnight; 20-25 Knots Morning
Latitude: 34 06.405 N
Longitude: 075 47.466 W
Location: Coast of North Carolina off Cape Lookout
Miles Traveled: 1 61

This is just a quick end-of-the-first twenty-four hours update. A full log will follow this evening. But we want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all those special fathers we know, especially the fathers of our grandchildren-our son Justin and our son-in-law Jed. The fathers on this boat, Mark and Rex, didn’t get their Father’s Day breakfast extravaganza today as Rex was just not up to eating. Just after sending last night’s log, the winds and seas did indeed increase and an already seasick Rex had to put a Scopolamine patch behind his ear to combat the sickness. But he was already too sick and the conditions just got rougher and rougher, so he went to bed without dinner. He got up at 5 am and looked outside and went right back to bed-still too rough. But at 8:30 am we made a turn further northward and at the same time the winds calmed down a bit, allowing him to rejoin the living. He couldn’t eat much breakfast, but right now he is sitting in the cockpit reading, looking out, reading, looking out. I think he’s going to make it this time! Hopefully once we pass Hatteras things will settle even more and he can enjoy the rest of the passage.

We did have one very fast 24-hour run making 161 miles and much of that was made with a one to two knot negative current. The waves during the night built to 6-9 feet and we were sailing directly downwind making a wishy-washy motion. Right now the seas are 6-7 feet coming from the West and hitting us on the aft quarter. This is a much more comfortable ride. More this evening?