Day 222, Year 6 Great Sailing Day
Date: Friday, June 3, 2011
Weather: Sunny and Hot (low 90’s)
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

Mark took a few members of the local Power Squadron out sailing today and came back saying it was one of the best sails ever. They had 15 knots of wind on the beam and Windbird flew through the water. Too bad it was a “guys only” occasion today, but we hope to go out again early next week with our friends Lee and Lynda and have a repeat performance.

I ended up spending time with my sister this morning checking out the location where much of the family that is coming in next weekend will be staying. There will be 30 of us and we were looking to see if it would be possible to eat on the beach in front of the condo where they will be staying-and it will, so that is good news. There is also a nearby park where we can go, so all is well. While I’m writing this Mark is in the kitchen pressing out hamburgers for 30 people to put in the freezer. Little by little, we’ll get things together. I have made a little progress on the photo presentation today, but not as much as expected. Tomorrow is my self-imposed deadline for getting the best of the best pool of photos together, so I’ll let you know tomorrow night if I meet the deadline.

110603 Day 222 South Carolina, USA–SPS Friends Sail on Windbird