Day 220, Year 6 Day of Work
Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011
Weather: Sunny and Hot
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

This was definitely a day of work. I mostly sat at the computer choosing photos for our “Around the World” presentation, but I took a few breaks to help my brother-in-law get his new tumbling compost bin started. And all of that was after a 6 am three-mile walk with my niece Jennifer. Mark went to the boat early and worked with a refrigeration specialist to get our reverse-cycle air conditioner/heater up and running again. It just needed a little Freon and is now working fine. We will move onto the boat the week my family is here and with the high temps and NO breeze, we thought we might need a little AC to get through the week. While he was there he prepared to replace the faulty furl pump on the engine. In the process he found that it was not broken – simply stuck. He freed it and it seems to be working fine now.

My brother-in-law and I took time to write up a tentative “schedule” and menu for our family get-together week and he sent out an email to all. That just about covers the activities for today. Tomorrow will be much of the same with an added shopping trip to start buying some of the food we will need for the 30+ family members who will arrive here in a week and a half. We’ll also be buying food for our next and final leg of the Voyage of Windbird from here to Cape Cod. As I am going back through the photographs to pick out the best of the best, I have been overwhelmed with the beauty of the places we have visited over the past five and a half years. Once I get the best photos of each year chosen, I’ll write a summary of our thoughts and include those summaries in these nightly logs and post the photos for all to see. It has been such an incredible adventure!