Day 213, Year 6 From the Carolinas to Northwest Georgia
Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Weather: Beautiful, Sunny Day; Upper 80’s F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

Windbird is still back in Lightkeepers Marina in South Carolina, but we made our way today to the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest Georgia. The trip was about 425 miles, took us about eight hours, and was totally uneventful as “passages” go. Joe wanted us to drive his van instead of the truck so we would get better gas mileage, and with the van came a GPS. We have never been in a car with a GPS before and the talking lady took us a bit by surprise. As soon as we started out, she told us to turn left. Well, we wanted to go to the right. We did and she immediately said, “Recalculating.” There was a lot of “recalculating” at the beginning of the trip, but once we got out of the home territory, we followed the GPS directions. They were right on and helped us navigate the very complicated and unmapped back roads that took us into the mountains. Mark is absolutely in love and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get him to drive a car without the GPS again.

Lee and Mary Ellen’s cabin is a beautiful three-story cabin hidden in the woods. Each floor has a bedroom with its own bathroom. We are on the top floor with a reading room overlooking the main floor. Mary Ellen and Lee are on the main floor with the open living room/kitchen and the front porch/deck with four wonderful rocking chairs. The bottom floor has the pool table and Mark and Lee are down there right now playing the first game of the evening. Mary Ellen cooked a great dinner and afterwards we had a nice long walk. We walked past a fenced area where Lee and ME said they had seen buffalo. Mark and I were a bit skeptical, but after getting a glimpse of what looked like a small buffalo, we just had to walk the fence line down a hill until we got a better view. Indeed, there are buffalo. There are lots of beautiful places to walk here. There is a river nearby and lots of mountain lakes and ponds, so instead of walks on the beach, we’ll have walks through the mountains for the next few days.

110525 Day 213 North Georgia–Down the Road Cabin