Day 209, Year 6 La Belle Amie
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011
Weather: Beautiful and Sunny; 84 degrees F
Location: Lightkeepers Marina, Little River, South Carolina

We had a relaxed morning starting with blueberry pancakes made my brother-in-law Joe. Delicious. Afterwards, Joe and I surveyed the garden and did some watering. And Mark really needed a haircut, so that task came next. Then Mark’s sister Mary Ellen called and invited us to come to their cabin in northern Georgia for the Memorial Day Weekend. We did a little researching and found that we could fly to Atlanta for about $210 round trip for the two of us or we could drive for about $150. In the end we decided to drive, mostly because the arrival time at the Atlanta airport didn’t work well for being picked up and driven north to the cabin. So we will leave here this Wednesday and return on Sunday. It will be great to have a few days in the mountains to visit with Mary Ellen and Lee.

In the afternoon we went to La Belle Amie Vineyards with our friend Lee and Lynda Kaufman. This is a small vineyard in North Myrtle Beach that provides free live entertainment on Saturday afternoons. We chose one of the vineyards Twisted Sister wines to enjoy. It was a white wine called “What Was I Thinking?” I chose it just because I loved the name. We then visited Lee and Lynda’s new home that they moved into and out of within a week due to a mold problem. It is really a nice home and almost ready for them to move into again. Then we went to their condo for dinner. Lynda actually left us at the vineyard, drove home to put the barbecued ribs in the oven, and then came back to join us. When we ate the ribs we all appreciated her efforts as they were the tenderest ribs we have ever eaten. It was fun to catch up on what has been happening in our lives over the past two years and to talk about a sailboat that they are thinking of buying. Tomorrow Lee has offered to help Mark with waterline cleaning on Windbird while I do some inside cleaning. Since we will be leaving for a few days on Wednesday, we would like to have all boat cleaning done so we can then spend the rest of our time here just enjoying visiting with family and friends. That’s the goal. We’ll just have to see if we can really get all of the cleaning done by the time we leave here on Wednesday.

110521 Day 209 The Carolinas–Saturday Afternoon at La Belle Amie