Day 196, Year 6 Passage to the Carolinas, Day 2-Motoring, Motoring
Date: Sunday, May 8, 2011
Weather: Beautiful Day; Winds ESE 4-7 Knots; 80 degrees F
Latitude: 20 50.082 N
Longitude: 067 35.633 W
Miles Traveled: 189
Miles to Go: 980
Location: Passage from Puerto Rico to Mainland USA

This Atlantic Ocean can be such a fickle creature. We had such a beautiful sail yesterday, but that ended at exactly midnight. That’s when the wind died and we have been motor sailing since. No matter what we do, this boat is not going to sail in 5 knots of wind. From the weather information we have, it looks like we are motoring into a high pressure system and when we come out of this we could be hit with 15 knot winds from the north-northwest-exactly the direction in which we are headed. So winds on the nose will mean more motoring. So it is a waiting game. Hopefully something will change and we will get favorable winds.

Happy Mother’s Day to any mothers reading this log. And a special Happy Mother’s Day to my two favorite mothers-my daughter Heather and my daughter-in-law Jo. Watching them care for our grandchildren while in Vieques was such a special time. Both are mothers par excellance, both in totally different ways. So Heather and Jo, hope you have both had an incredibly wonderful Mother’s Day.

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