Day 192, Year 6 Another Long Day
Date: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Weather: Mostly Sunny with Sprinkles Here and There
Location: Cayo Obispo near Fajardo, Puerto Rico

I just reread the log I wrote last night and it made me realize just how tired I was. I tried to recap the activities of the last few days, but none of the beauty and excitement from those days came through. And it was 9:30 pm when we got home tonight and once again the energy to write a coherent log is just not here. Long story short-we spent the day chasing down doctors and driving many miles inland to find a urologist who could see Mark this afternoon. The end result is that we will head straight back to the US sometime later this week. The doctor confirmed that leaving the catheter in buys us enough time to get to either Florida or South Carolina where we can have the necessary testing done to fully diagnose the problem. So tomorrow morning we return the rental car and go into the marina to do piles of laundry. In the afternoon we will go to a different marina to fill up the fuel tanks. We will get the boat ready and then be on our way. Ten to twelve days later, we should be in the US. Interesting, we will not have to check in there as checking into Puerto Rico serves that purpose. In fact, Mark has been able to use his Medicare and Blue Cross-Blue Shield Supplemental insurance here as well as his prescription card. So the two days of medical services haven’t cost a penny yet. I know we will have to pay some once everything is processed, but we were lucky to be in US territory.

I have so many other points of interest I would love to share from the past few days, but I keep falling asleep. Details will have to follow tomorrow.

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