Day 190, Year 6 Vieques to Cayo Obispo, Puerto Rico
Date: Monday, May 2, 2011
Weather: Partly Sunny
Latitude: 18 20.194 N
Longitude: 065 37.410 W
Location: Cayo Obispo near Fajardo, Puerto Rico

We started our day with an underwater explore off Green Beach. Actually Sam drove the dinghy with Granddad’s help and dropped Heather and Jed off to snorkel near the shore. I was in the dinghy holding Jonah who decided to nap which gave Heather the chance to escape. Eventually Mark got in the water and Sam tended the dinghy while I was still holding Jonah. Jed came back to the dinghy to report that he had found some Flamingo Tongues, a type of snail, chomping away at a sea fan. This type of snail actually has a white shell that looks much like a cowrie shell, but when they are feeding, the soft parts of their body cover the shell. The soft parts are off-white with well defined brown circles filled with yellow-quite beautiful. Jed also found a live conch eating a sea urchin, so Mark and took the boys back to the boat to get the underwater camera while Jed went to get Heather so she could take a look. They had both been snorkeling in different areas and both really enjoyed the sights. We got a couple of photos and then decided it was time to head back to Windbird and sail away to Puerto Rico.

The sea was a little rougher than we had anticipated and we ended up with a sea sick Jonah. But after one up-chuck, the seas settled a little and everyone except Mark and I napped their way to Cayo Obispo. We returned to the same place we had anchored over a week ago and Mark and Jed took the boys to shore for an explore while Heather packed and I fixed dinner. We called to reserve a car for tomorrow morning when we will take H, J, J, & S to the airport in San Juan. Then we head to the Emergency Room to see what we can find out about Mark’s plumbing issues. He doesn’t feel like he has an emergency, but there is no way to get an appointment with a doctor, so the ER will have to do.

110502 Day 190a Vieques, Puerto Rico–Underwater Off Green Beach
110502 Day 190b Cayo Obispo, Puerto Rico–Vieques to Cayo Obispo
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