Day 189, Year 6 Back to Windbird
Date: Sunday, May 01, 2011
Weather: Partly Cloudy with Sprinkles
Location: Green Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

With tears in our eyes, we said farewell to Justin, Jo, and a sleeping Ziggy at 6:15 am as they walked out to the ferry. We then returned to the beach house and started packing up. Sam was such a help. He literally carried or drug every single crate and bag of food from the deck to the front door. Then he and Jonah went to the beach with Jed while Heather, Mark, and I completed the packing and cleaning process. The beach crew got rained out, so we left a little early and headed into Isabel Segunda to visit Fortin Conde de Mirasol, the last fort built by the Spaniards in the Caribbean. We then drove to Esperanza to unload the rental car. While Heather and I were packing things away on Windbird, Mark, Sam, and Jed drove the rental car back to Isabel and got a ride back to Esperanza. As quickly as we could, we took off for Green Beach on the western end of Vieques. We got there in time to do a little exploring on the beach but there were just toooooo many mosquitoes. So it was back to Windbird for dinner. Tomorrow we will do a little underwater explore here and then head on to Cayo Obispo, Puerto Rico.

110501 Day 189a Vieques, Puerto Rico–Fort in Isabel Segunda
110501 Day 189b Vieques, Puerto Rico–Back Aboard Windbird with HJJ&