Day 185, Year 6 Exploring Isabel Segunda
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Weather: Heavy Rain Overnight, Mixed Weather Today
Location: Bastimento Beach Bungalow, Vieques-Puerto Rico

The rental car had to be returned by 10:30 am, so Mark and I started the day with a run into town to the supermercado. It is amazing how much food six adults and three children can eat! We then went back to the beach house to drop off the groceries and pick everyone else up as they wanted to wander about town and take Mark and I out to lunch. There is not much of interest in the town of Isabel but we really enjoyed seeing the big iguanas that literally hang out in the mangroves just inshore. We spent an hour or so walking around and then had lunch at Mamasonga’s. After lunch we split up. I went back to the supermercado to get the makings for chocolate chip cookies and key lime pie while the rest of the gang went to the piscaderia to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. We took a publico (taxi) back to the beach house and arrived just in time for afternoon naps for the little ones and their parents. We must be wearing them out as everyone slept until almost 5 pm. Some of us had a relaxed late afternoon on the beach while others went in search of the wild horses. They seem to graze in the yard of the rental property next door, so we don’t have to travel far. Tomorrow and Friday will be relaxed days on the beach and at some point we must get motivated to do a nighttime foray to the bioluminescent bay-one of the highlights of Vieques.

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