Day 184, Year 6 A Day on Windbird
Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Weather: Beautiful Day with Lots of Wind
Location: Bastimento Beach Bungalow, Vieques-Puerto Rico

Today we spent the day on Windbird, but the group decision was not to sail as it was quite windy and we didn’t want the first sailing experience for Jonah and Ziggy to be a rough one. It was quite rocky and rolly even on the mooring, so I’m sure the little ones thought we were sailing. But it was so much fun to have the whole family on the boat. Just getting out to Windbird was the first adventure since we left the dinghy raised on the on the back of the boat and had to find a way to get out to her. After the lively Easter weekend here, Esperanza seemed fast asleep this morning, even at 10 am. There was no one on the waterfront and almost nothing was open. But one little business that rents out kayaks loaned us one long enough for Mark and Justin to go out and get the dinghy. They brought the dinghy to shore and picked us all up. Once on the boat, Sam became Mr. Busy Man checking out all systems. He was convinced that only Granddad knows how things work and insisted that he be Granddad’s helper. We blew up the kiddy pool we bought for two year-old Sam when he came to visit in Thailand, and this time two year-old (almost) Jonah and two year-old Ziggy really enjoyed the pool on the back deck. We all had lunch and then headed out on an afternoon dinghy explore. Mark took Justin, Jo, and Ziggy out to the close-by little island. When the rest of us went to join them, they were ready to leave as it was rocky with no beach and just no fun. So we picked up Justin, Jo, and Ziggy and took the dinghy across to a sand spit separating Esperanza from the next bay. Justin and Jo did a snorkel explore while the rest of us walked the beach. I had to stay on dinghy watch, but the rest of the gang walked to a red salt pond just inland from the shore. We all returned to Windbird by mid-afternoon so the wee ones could have a nap. I made up the sea berths so the little ones could nap there. The starboard and port settees in our main cabin both pull out and have lee cloths that pull out and attach to the ceiling. They make the perfect “nest” for small children and I think they enjoyed the experience. We all lazed about until just after 5 pm which made for a late return to the beach house, but it was a wonderful day.

110426 Day 184 Vieques, Puerto Rico–Day Trip to Windbird