Day 172, Year 6 Snorkeling and Work Day in Saba
Date: Thursday, April 14, 2011
Weather: Mostly Overcast
Location: Wells Bay, Saba

Today was all about doing a little work on Windbird and snorkeling. It was totally overcast this morning so we decided to do a little work before snorkeling in the hopes that the sun would shine later. Mark and Steve had already cleaned the stainless stanchions along the outside of the boat, but we never got them coated in the anti-rust “potion” so we had to clean again today. I went forward to wash down the stanchions with fresh water and I did the one thing I am never supposed to do. I leaned over at just the wrong angle, and out went my back. This has not happened to me while out here sailing so I am just not sure what I am going to do. When back in the US, I go to my miracle worker Chiropractor in Concord, NH, and he immediately makes things fine. I guess I am going to find out what it is like without the miracle worker, but what horrible timing. I have/had all of these great plans for when we meet with our children and grandchildren a week from this Saturday, but I might have to sit back and watch the action.

After the work session, the sun poked through the clouds just a little, so we seized the moment and headed out to go snorkeling. I decided to go along (bad idea in retrospect). I thought I could snorkel if there was not a strong current, but unfortunately there was and the whole process just really aggravated an already not good situation with my back. Jeanie did great today. She finally let go of the dinghy and snorkeled on her own, even with the current. But the snorkeling was definitely not as good as we had been led to believe. I’m sure diving here is incredible, but it is deep for snorkeling. Mark saw a turtle and we all saw more of the same kind of fish we have been seeing. There are also some nice sponges and corals. I went out for two forays, but because of the current I was having to work harder than my back wanted and returned to hang on to the dinghy. After snorkeling at Torres Point, we took the dinghy out to Diamond Rock and Steve dove in to check it out. It is very deep and definitely for diving even though the information we have read says there is good snorkeling. Steve did get to swim with a huge school of fish, probably Jacks of some sort, and that was definitely a thrill for him. Once we returned to Windbird, I spent the remainder of the day trying to figure out just what to do about my back. Mark and Steve went out for another snorkel in the afternoon and found the cave we had read about and enjoyed that experience, as well as seeing two more turtles. They returned and Mark did a laundry and the weather is not cooperating at all. As soon as he got it hung out, it started to rain, so he had to bring it all into the cockpit and hang it on hangers. He is now fixing dinner, so he is exhausted. I can barely stand up, so helping is not a possibility. I’m hoping that after a good night’s sleep, things might be better.

Early tomorrow morning we return to St. Martin, this time to the French side. We will anchor in Marigot Bay. Steve, Jeanie, and Mark will probably do a little exploring tomorrow afternoon after we arrive, and then on Saturday, Steve and Jeanie fly back to Florida. Mark and I will then do laundry and shopping, possibly returning to Philipsburg to get duty-free fuel, and on Monday or Tuesday we will head to Puerto Rico. We would love to go through the British Virgins and stop in Tortola, but we are not sure we will have the time. I’m thinking I will need to get on the internet in St. Martin and see if I can find an Activator-type Chiropractor in this part of the world. That would be a miracle, but one that would make me happy.

110414 Day 172 Saba–Underwater at Torrens Point
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