Day 155, Year 6 Blackfin Tuna Sushi in Bequia
Date: Monday, March 28, 2011
Weather: Beautiful Sunny Day; Wind E 18 knots
Latitude: 13 00.578 N
Longitude: 061 14,620 W
Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Today we sailed from Tobago Cays to Admiralty Bay in Bequia. It was a great sail and it was fun to sail into another harbor we have visited previously. As soon as we got in, Daffodil Marine Services dropped by to see if we needed services and I had a bag of bed sheets ready for them to wash. I did a huge laundry last night, but somehow there is always more to do. Next Mark and Steve went to shore to check things out while I stayed onboard and did a fresh water wash down of the stainless and the cabin top.

The highlight of today was a Blackfin Tuna we caught and turned into sushi. Steve brought a few new lures with him. The first one caught a catamaran in Tyrell Bay in Carriacou because we forgot to reel in the line before coming into anchor. The second one was much more successful today as it caught the Blackfin Tuna. It made great sushi tonight, but only thanks to Key of D. First I didn’t have any sushi rice aboard so we borrowed some from them. Then when I went to make the wasabi from a powder we have had since Thailand, we discovered that the powder had gone off and the paste it made tasted a bit like hay. Again, Key of D came to the rescue. So with a little help from our friends, we thoroughly enjoyed a sushi dinner.

Before sushi, we spent a bit of time discussing where we want to go from here. Just when we thought we had a bit of a plan, a couple named Anne and Alan from the yacht Freya out of Scotland stopped by. They have a Tayana 42 aft cockpit and just had to meet the people (us) aboard another Tayana 42. They arrived in the Caribbean from Scotland eight years ago and are still here. They gave us some great tips on the best places to stop between here and St. Martin, so our previous plans are going to be tweaked a bit. We called a taxi service listed in the cruising guide to make plans to do a bit of an island tour tomorrow morning and it is altogether possible that we will leave here tomorrow afternoon for Walliabou on St. Vincent. The days are ticking by quickly. We still have twelve days before we meet Mark’s sister Jeanie in St. Martin, but there is sooooo much to see between here and there. So onward we go.

110328 Day 155 Bequia–Tobago Cays to Bequia
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