Day 147, Year 6 Happy Spring!
Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011
Weather: Partly Cloudy with Periods of Rain; Wind E 10-15 knots
Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

The full moon last night was beautiful, but the first day of spring here was full of gray rain clouds. There was plenty of sun as well, but we got wet on our morning walk to the Spiceland Mall. We went there to get coffee (How could I forget to buy coffee?) and Scotch-two survival necessities for Steve. We enjoyed the walk there, even though it was in the rain, but we took the bus back. I had hung out a laundry before leaving on the walk, and it definitely got a good extra rinse and is now hanging in the cockpit to complete the drying process. I made a key lime pie this afternoon (recipe copied below) and Steve helped by squeezing the limes for me. Mark worked on securing things on deck to get ready for our Wednesday take-off for the island of Carriacou. Tomorrow we are doing a historical tour of the island with Clement Baptiste and Tuesday we will do a little more touring and getting ready to go.

In the late afternoon we took off for shore to try and call Justin, Jo, and Ziggy. Today we took my computer to see if it would work any better than Mark’s did yesterday. And it did. We did not have the problem of being constantly kicked off the wifi network. Justin and Jo weren’t home but we did make contact with Mary Ellen and Lee. Yesterday Mary Ellen wrote to our blog saying, “In our minds we traveled with Steve yesterday . . . and we will be with you in thoughts.” We are sure missing having Mary Ellen and Lee here with us but we’ll do our best to share our daily travels with them through the logs and we will be thinking of them all the way. After our Skype call with Mary Ellen we walked over to True Blue Bay to have an early dinner at the Dodgy Dock. We ate here two weeks ago on the day of our arrival in Grenada, and we enjoyed it a second time today. I had the Caesar Salad with Cajun Fish (mahi mahi) and it was delicious. After enjoying our waterside dinner we hiked back to De Big Fish to try and contact Justin and Jo one more time. They were still not on line and did not answer the home phone, so we saw that Heather was online and we called her. She had just been on Skype with Justin but he had “disappeared.” We then learned that he, Jo, and Ziggy were in Borders in Santa Fe and we tried a three-way call. It worked for a few seconds but it became obvious that we were going to have to talk separately. So we called Justin, Jo, and Ziggy, and then we called Heather, Jed, Sam, and Jonah. We could see them, but since De Big Fish is not open on Sunday and there were no lights, they could not see us. But the little ones threw kisses our way and we enjoyed seeing them. It was fun for Steve to see them as well.

It was dark by the time we headed back to Windbird and we are now sitting here exploring the various possibilities for Caribbean stops over the next three weeks. Steve is as interested as I am in tracking down the best snorkeling spots, so we are looking forward to three weeks of in-the-water fun. Then we will arrive in St. Martin and have another week of fun in the sun with Steve and sister Jeanie. But first things first-we need to get ready for our Grenada island tour tomorrow.

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