Day 144, Year 6 Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011
Weather: Sunny with Rain Sprinkles in PM; Wind E 5-10 knots
Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by going out to dinner with Howard and Judy of Laelia and drinking a green beer to toast good old St. Pat. Before that, the day was once again work, work, work. I made another three kilos of granola while doing the deep cleaning of the galley. I saved the best for last as cleaning the kitchen is always the most difficult. But it is done. Mark worked all morning cleaning stainless and then he went in to De Big Fish in the afternoon to make some calls about possible future job opportunities. Yes, there is another life out there waiting for our return to “reality” and unfortunately making money has to be part of that reality. I guess we are going to have to learn to wear shoes again!

I finished my afternoon by putting another coat of varnish on the Dorade boxes, but I held off on the cockpit cap rail as it looked like it was going to rain. I varnished the Dorade boxes in the cockpit, but put them below on the dining table to dry, but the cap rail is totally exposed. And sure enough, as soon as I finished the last Dorade box, we got the sprinkles. It would have been just enough to ruin a good varnish job, so I’m glad I waited. I will varnish the cap rail first thing in the morning and then we are taking off for St. George’s. Tomorrow night you’ll get to read about something other than work.

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