Day 140, Year 6 Sunday, But Not a Day of Rest
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Weather: Sunny Day; Wind NE 15 knots
Air Temperature: Same, Same Everyday, 74 – 82 degrees F
Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

We did it again. We managed to work away another entire day. But we are making progress, so it feels good. Mark worked on a number of small projects. He fixed a leak in forward head sink, cleaned more stainless on deck, cut new line for tie-downs for our jerry cans, put new water filters in the fresh water supply, reworked the old bracket for our alternator to make it more secure, lashed the ends of a few lines to keep them from fraying, and reinstalled cleats on the new stays. He also worked on raising our StrongTrack a couple of inches. This is a Teflon track that slides into the track on our mast for the mainsail. The Teflon makes raising and lowering the main easier. It needed to be raised to make it easier to remove and re-install the main sail slides when we put the mainsail back on. I cleaned the cockpit and surrounding canvas, cleaned the v-berth area top to bottom, cleaned the forward head top to bottom, and worked on cleaning parts of the main cabin. The number of louvered doors slows this process immensely, but little by little the spring cleaning and repairs on Windbird are coming right along.

I haven’t mentioned anything about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan but we certainly have been thinking about the people there. We have good friends whose son and family live in Japan and we hope that they are safe. It was an unbelievably strong earthquake that has actually altered the Earth’s rotation. The earthquake in Sumatra in 2004 did the same. This reminds us just how much we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.