Day 10, Year 6 Quiet Day on Windbird
Date: Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Weather: Sunny, Barometer Dropping-Windy, Rainy Weather Ahead
Location: Tuzi Gazi Marina, Richards Bay, South Africa

It was a quiet day on Windbird. We spent our time getting ready for our trip to Durban tomorrow. We had to make decisions on which things we can afford to buy and which ones will just have to stay on the list. I talked to my sister Patsy on Skype in the late afternoon and then we had Geoff and Chris on Shambala over for dinner. We had been in contact with them from Madagascar and wanted to thank them for sending info to us about South Africa. They have traveled extensively and gave us many tips on places we should visit. Early tomorrow morning we will head to Durban but we should be home before sundown. Hopefully I’ll have lots to report tomorrow night about our first explore beyond Richards Bay.